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Saturday, August 27, 2016


1.We Can Dim The Controller Light

All you have to do is go into Settings > Devices > Controllers, and pick your desired setting.
Worth noting that if you do cover up the light bar, you won’t have a way of telling which controller belongs to which player. Pro-tip: blue lightbar is player one, red is player two, green is player three, and pink is player four. 

2.A Double Tap Switches Apps

You can swap between your two most recent apps or games by double-tapping the PlayStation button. Note that this doesn’t work for every single app or game, but for those that it does, it’s a quick and easy way to move between apps.

3.You Can Customize Your Buttons

One of the newest features the PS4 has to offer is a great one: button remapping. All you have to do is go into Settings > Accessibility > Button Assignments, and voila. You can now dictate how you’ll play your games.

4.You Can Stop Annoying Notifications

  For some reason the PS4 is automatically set up so that it sends you a message whenever one of your friends enters a party.Not everyone considers that as a useful piece of information that we should know about. But if you go into Settings > Notifications, you can simply uncheck the “When friends join a party” box, so you never have to deal with it again. 

5.You Can Automatically Log In

If you have multiple accounts on your PS4, but you happen to use the system the most, it might be worth setting your account to automatically log in. To do this, go into Settings > Users > Login Settings and check the appropriate box. 

Thank you for reading. This is my first blog and I'm sure need to improve more which ill try my best to. Stay tuned for my next blog.